API Documentation


Our easy to use API allows you to create custom applications, addons, and scripts that can programmatically upload images to our website.

To use the api first register for an API key, and then read through the documentation below. If you have any questions please contact us.



Send a POST request with the required parameters to http://imagezilla.net/api.php.

Once the image has been uploaded the API will respond via XML output.



Name Required? Description
file Required contains the image file
apikey Required contains your api key
username Optional If you want to upload to a user account enter their username here. Leave empty to not upload to a user account.
passwordmd5 Optional MD5 of the user account password. Leave empty to not upload to a user account.
thumbsize Optional Set this to the thumbnail size you want. Must be betwen 150px and 550px. Default is 400px.
adult Optional Set to 1 if adult, 0 for non-adult images. Default value is 1, adult.
testmode Optional Set it to 1 when testing your script. The uploaded image will not be saved.

XML Response

Example response of a successful upload: http://imagezilla.net/api-success.xml.

If there are any errors during the process they will be returned to you in the error variable. The error tag will be set with a description of the error and it will be within the upload xml parent. Example error output xml can be viewed here:http://imagezilla.net/api-failure.xml.

Variable    Details Example
success If the upload was successful this will be set to 1, or 0 on failure. 1
error The error message if any. If there is no error this variable will not appear. The file extension is not in a valid format (gif, jpg, png)
thumbnail URL of the thumbnail of the image. http://imagezilla.net/thumbs/test_tn.png
largepic URL for the original image. http://imagezilla.net/show/test.png

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